Monday, 4 November 2013

Days…getting away

Coat: H&M   Jumper: Primark   Leggings: H&M   Boots: H&M Parics Collection   Necklace: Primark   Bag: Primark

Ok, ok I know, I have been generally quite rubbish with keeping up on here at the moment and now the nights are drawing in, it's even harder to find time to get some photos and update blog. Thing is I do miss it and generally every time I go out will think 'I'll get someone to take some photos today!' and then usually wimp out of asking, or at the moment put on a MASSIVE jumper over what I'm wearing.

Truth is circumstances lately have changed and I need to find a way to work around them and keep doing what I love…where there's a will I'm sure there's a way! It's just taking a bit of time! Anyway enough of the reflective stuff, am loving this "Lovely" necklace (btw it was £1…that's right £1!!!!). I love text necklaces and when asking my mum recently if I have any particular phases she said 'well you do say lovely a lot!' so seemed right! P.S. I also know I need to sort out photo sizes etc…one day soon, when I get some quiet time will get it all back to normal, promise!

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