Thursday, 3 July 2014


Jumper: River Island   Shorts: Primark   Vest (just seen): H&M

The other lot of photos I got to shoot whilst I was away last week in my latest River Island purchase, also quite want to get this one, here, too…just because!!! Is currently out of stock online but available in stores. Just got back yesterday from Brighton, feel like have spent the last two weeks on a train around the country (can't say am too pleased with the train service too after my trip yesterday, but that's another story!).

I love text tees/jumpers and this one with the most basic of text was my ideal jumper, just need to style it up a bit more now but love the simplicity of it! Like the stuff in this pic by H&M, here, the jumper in a continuous line style is the type of drawing I love, just a shame is poodles and not something else! But H&M do a good selection of tees and bits with simple text on at the moment.

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