Thursday, 28 February 2013 time

Hat: Primark   Jumper: H&M   Jeans: New Look   Watch: River Island   Trainers: River Island   Sunglasses: H&M   Bag: H&M   Jacket: River Island

So have headed a bit back to the 90s with the baseball hat and polo neck jumper but as soon as I saw the embellishment (and the price!) of this one from Primark just wanted it! Went out for a nice walk with the family yesterday and was good against the cold, though did have to put up with the constant 'do you think you're Rhianna?' jibes from them! Not fair, it's pretty!!!

Stuff I am just generally lusting after this week, what with it being pay day and all, are this jumper from H&M, here, liking the print a lot, this denim dress, here, and this cobalt blue jacket, here, just gorgeous colour and bit of a smarter style, not all together but are just some random things have seen recently. Must be good!

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