Thursday, 7 February 2013


Jacket: River Island   Top: Primark   Jeans: Zara   Shoes: Zara   Scarf: Primark   Sunglasses: H&M   Bracelets: Gift

Finally got back to a computer today, these were actually taken on Saturday on a 'let's start the labour' walk. Which it finally did and I am proud to say that on Sunday afternoon we saw the arrival of my beautiful baby nephew!!! Sister did extremely well and are both doing well this week, it has just been a bit crazy running round with other family and work. Nothing like keeping you on your toes!

Speaking of toes mine were friggin' freezing on this day (the sun is very deceptive!) but I couldn't miss a chance to show off the Zara shoes that have been everywhere and I found a pair in my size in their sale on the way into work. Haven't really worn flats for a long time, (even the trainers are heeled!), so these with little heel were good compromise too! 

P.S. Check out cheeky baby photo on Twitter feed, here, promise shall try not to be too soppy and gushing!

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