Sunday, 12 May 2013

Cross...the line

Jacket: River Island   Jumper: River Island   Skirt: River Island   Shoes: Zara

I swear it knows when I have straightened my hair coz it rains every time!!! Mind you that's just most days at the moment so I should've guessed really! Pretty much wearing an all River Island outfit here, with a jumper I saw last year and did a double take...don't usually find an item of clothing with my surname on, one that I liked as a jumper anyway! Like the cuffs and edging in the darker tone. Was thinking when saw the photos, should've worn it with a white shirt under too to make it a bit crisper.

The Zara ankle cuff shoes I also got towards the end of last year as they were similar to Alexander Wang Liya ones, here, particularly liked when seen with pencil skirts when dressed down a bit with jumpers! This weather is making us think about going away again at the mo, might have to do a few days next hol in Ibiza again, just want some sunshine!!!

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