Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Homesick...bright on walls

Photos: All my own from Brighton town centre

Have been missing Brighton a bit recently, we get to go visit in a couple of weeks so will take some more pics when down there. Keep looking back to the photos have taken previously and one really bright day we were there taking lots of random pictures round the town centre, particularly of all the graffiti that's randomly on the side of a building or on telephone boxes etc. It probably all has meanings I don't understand but as far as images go I really like the bold colours and lines to them. 

I have a couple of graffiti print dresses, like this one here from Topshop Unique that Olivia Palermo wears and one from H&M that is similar style to the D&G Fall/Winter 2011-12 prints. Will be taking some more pictures soon, promise, maybe even of those dresses! Also other images I particularly like of Brighton come from a photography shop on Sydney Street, here, called Zoing Image. If I had enough I would have a wall just to all of their bright canvas, might just have to stick to collecting the fridge magnets at the moment!

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