Saturday, 9 July 2011

Pretend aisle walking...and laughing

T-shirt: Topshop   Jeans: New Look   Trainers: Primark   Watch: New Look

Have just been having a nice afternoon trying out make-up for the forthcoming wedding and relaxing at home, which feels like a bit of a rarity at the moment. The sister has just been taking some pictures with her iPhone to play with the effects.

I don't really need another white top but just love the pattern on this t-shirt, I very much like simple black on white. In warmer weather would wear with some denim cut offs but am enjoying the comfy bootcuts today with Converse style trainers. The jeans are brand new but have crease detail under the pockets that make them look like they have been worn a lot already, silly to buy new ones really but I also liked the inscription on the inside right pocket - "great for: hot nights out, killer heels, sleepy on sunday, afternoon speed dating, shimmy baggy jumpers".

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