Thursday, 10 May 2012


Jewellery: All River Island
Images: Zoing Image shop in Brighton

Ok so I couldn't help myself after having a little trawl on the Internet this week and came across River Island's latest drop of jewellery pieces. Think it was the moustache ring that made it for me but also love the delicate and simple designs of like the cat ring and the thin gold bangle with the text on the inside, and outside, of the band. Other pieces I was looking for but they didn't have was this dolphin ring, here, which is a bit retro, think I had one of these when I was younger and this cat and mouse ring set, here, so cute!

The canvas' that I took the photos on are all from one of my favourite shops back in Brighton called Zoing Image, where I have to go every time when I go back to buy something new. I have a little collection of canvas, magnets and clocks on my wall. The photographer, Serge Rolland, takes a variety of different photographs but I like the items they sell on the website and the shop as they are mainly based on images of Brighton in extreme close up and high contrast and vibrant colours that makes me think of the seaside. Check out the website link above to see more.

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