Sunday, 6 May 2012

Soft...and subtle

Jumper: Primark   Jeans: Primark   Shoes: Primark   Backpack: Primark   Vest: H&M

Found this post whilst going through and making adjustments to the blog, don't think I was sure about it at first but I quite like that it's not an outfit where am wearing all black! Also that backpacks have been making a come back, this one I got a while ago when there weren't very many around but now there's a whole load flooding the high street, like this version, here, and, here.

Also the pink jeans are so gorgeously soft, I do love watching them. Posted on Twitter earlier the adverts that go with their #My Mix for Ebay Fashion and really like Anda's look with the white jumper and patterened jeans. Think she pulls it off a lot better than me but this kinda reminded me of it! Check out their story, here.

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