Monday, 30 July 2012

So good...they sent it twice

Images from: H&M Autumn Season 2012 Catalogue

Have clearly ordered so much through the H&M catalogue they thought they best send two in case I wear out the first one from looking through it too much! If you do not like coral and burgundy this is not the collection for you, it is everywhere! From the tight knits to the city shorts and chinos. The pictures I have added to Facebook, here, have a distinct sixties feel but with modern twists, like the woven trousers and knit but worn with the funky sandals and socks (again in burgundy), a look I am definitely feeling for autumn. This time am liking the jumpers, the shoes and the detailing, like the silver cuffs on the gold trousers.

Also put up my look for Look magazines competition to be a stylist in their Look Show, here, go through to like the image if you do! Many thanks x 

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