Friday, 13 July 2012

Week in...Brighton

Just a few images from the week down here in Brighton, have spent most of it going out in the sunshine and then quickly dashing for cover in a down pour but managed to get a few photos in between. The exhibition of the Union Jack designed items was in the Brighton Museum, to (rather obviously) celebrate the Jubilee, thank god for this free place to have a look around when needing cover! The long dress uses two flags by Jasper Conran and the last image with the tutu style dress is one by Vivienne Westwood. There is an image of our lovely food at The Grand Hotel on the seafront and some photos of outfits I was trying on whilst planning what to wear for a night out, I went with nether of these but do have to try on at least 5...6... OK more like 10 different options first!

The odd ones in between are just from wandering round town and having a good look in all the shops. I love all the vintage ones with their rails of clothing outside in different sections (the dungarees are for the sis as she is living in hers at the mo!), one of the best places is To Be Worn Again, here, has so many different rails all over the store (my favourite is the sequin and glittery rail!). Also I like Get Cutie and its retro style handmade dresses, here, and Jaba Yard, here. Any of the shops down there you can find some goodies in though and love that they are interspersed with memorabilia, photography, and random sweet shops! Mmmm...

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